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Pediatric Neurologist in Metropolitan Atlanta

Please utilize this Web Site for Gerald Silverboard, M.D./ Atlanta Child Neurology  for patients 18 and under.

Hello and Thank you for viewing my Child Neurology Web Site. This portion is dedicated to Pediatric and Adolescent Patients needing Neurological Care although I do also treat College age and Young Adult patients as well as older Adults. My Adult Web site is Gerald Silverboard, M.D./ Atlanta Family Neurology and can be accessed with a tab above. I am starting my Forteith year of Practice in Child and Adult Neurology and unlike other Neurologists I do provide Neurological care of all types to Adult Patients as well as Transition of Care for Young Adults. I am Board certified in both Adult and Child Neurology by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. I am Board Certified by The American Board of Pediatrics as well. I have authored articles and book Chapters in the Pediatric and Adult Neurological literature. I was Chief Resident In Pediatrics at Egleston during my training.

I have 24/7 backup call for both my Child and Adult practices. When necessary, I admit Patients to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Neurohospitalist Service at Scottish Rite or Egleston or to Northside or Emory St. Joseph's for Adult age patients. I am on Active Staff of each of these hospitals. I have specific interest in treating all Neurological diseases of Childhood including Headache, Migraine, Epilepsy,Pediatric Stroke, Fainting, Concussion, Developmental delay and PDD, Movement Disorders including Tics. I also evaluate Patients in tandem with Psychologists or Neuropsychologists for Academic Underachievement, ADD/ADHD and issues of Behavioral or Learning Regression. When necessary I work with other Specialists for more complicated issues as Epilepsy Surgery referral, Neurosurgical Intervention or Cardiac or Orthopedic or ENT/Ophthalmology complications. I do see many Older Children and Teens with Anxiety Disorders and/or Depression which may manifest as Neurological symptoms. I work with many Adolescent Psychiatrists.

 I care about my Patients and I do my best to provide Continuity of Care with Compassion. I am not averse to obtaining Second Opinions in complicated cases.Presently Patients requiring Hospitalization or Intensive Care are managed by the Pediatric Neurohospitalist Service with followup by me on discharge. I try to answer all Office calls and concerns in a timely manner. I have a small office staff who are DEDICATED to your well being.
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***Please note: No Analgesics will be refilled over holidays or holiday weekends****